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MoldMakers and Job Shop Machining

Ran-Bro Tool

We are master tool makers and custom job shop machinists who specialize in the design, manufacture, repair / maintenance of molds for the plastic injection / die casting industries, and short run production parts. Our company has been located in Oregon for over forty years and our list of satisfied customers includes many of America's largest companies. Located in North Plains Or. Ran-Bro Tool serves companies in the Investment Casting, Die Casting, and Injection Molding Industries. Ran-Bro Tool has been a producer of molds, dies, Target fixtures and short run production machining since 1965. Recognized as a leader in the industry with a total company commitment to excellence, with on-time delivery. Our  manufacturing area covers over 10,000 sq. ft. and is environmentally controlled year round, to perform ongoing certified inspection, consistent with industry standards and customer requirements. Our design area is equipped with 4 - Three Dimensional CAD/CAM work stations, We can handle tools up to 30,000 pounds (10,000# per plate) have our own trucks for pickup and delivery within 150 mile radius.

Our Customers have made us the most diverse shop you will see in the NorthWest. 

Equipment:                          CAD/CAM                     Six work stations with 3-D wire frame and solid model capability, We use Master Cam

                                                CMM                                 Starrett Rapid Check with CMM Manager Software, and Renishaw MIP probe, and 41x26x16 travel


                                                CNC Mills                       8 Vertical mills with full four axis contouring capability, and up to 80"travel.

                                                                                                2 Horizontal mills, with 4 axis, 10,000 spindle, pallet changers,

                                                EDM                                  Six ram type machines with up to 150 Amp current and a CNC with C axis, 16 position tool changer, with a 56"x36"x22" tank, and a 11000 pound cap.

                                                Others               Miscellaneous equipment includes grinders, manual mills, and a horizontal boring mill with 60"X 48" travel with gun drilling attachment, sunnen hone, and a 6 ton flat bed Truck, local pickup and deliveries only, 150 mile radius    


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About Ran-Bro Tool

Our Background

Since being established in 1965, Ran-Bro Tool has been known for an unparalleled commitment to customer satisfaction. It’s this standard of excellence that has provided the impetus for us to grow into the business we are today.

We believe that the customer always comes first - and that means exceptional products and exceptional services. Get in touch today to learn more about what we have to offer.

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Ran-Bro Tool Services

We Put Your Needs First



We specialize in precision machining services and short runs of custom machined components.

CAPACITY: Production, alteration or repair of precision components or tools from 1 oz to 18,000 lbs. ea.

MATERIALS: Plastic, aluminum, steel, titanium, 321ss & similar materials

CAD/CAM: Transfer 3D wire frame or surfaces and solid model 

5 MasterCam stations

CNC: Milling of complex 3D contours up to 80"x 30" and turning up to 24" dia.

CNC: Production Milling 4th axis, and pallet changer, Horizontal and Vertical

CNC: Turning of contours up to 24" dia. and 60" in length, between centers

EDM: Sinker type CNC, drilling, machining of very small diameter holes or large complex features up to 48"x 48"

EDM: 4 axis sinker, for burning threads in hardened material

Manual Boring, with gun drilling attachment; Milling to 80" x 38"; Manual Turning to 24" dia.; Grinding, Heat Treating, Plating, Special Finishes  are readily available from local associates.

MRP: With our 'Quick Turn' service we can often deliver a job in as little as 24 hrs depending upon material availability. 'Quick Turn' service is free for established customers unless we experience extra costs such as overtime or a major setup change. Unisys, and Intel. A typical turn around on quotes for custom designed molds is three days.

Currently Approved: Pratt & Whitney, Hewlett Packard , Abbott Labs

Customers: Boeing, Hewlett Packard, Apple, Abbott, Unisys, and Intel, Epson, Freightliner, Cascade Microtech

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Opening Hours

Mon - Fri: 6:30 am - 5:00 pm
Sat: as needed
Sun: Closed

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Get in Touch

31678 NW Hillcrest St
North Plains, Oregon 97133

Shop 503-647-7448 Cell 503-803-3016

Fax 425-969-8406

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